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Application Suite

As a product, Fanpage Toolkit is an application suite of native Facebook applications that are fully integrated. This application suite includes:

Page Builder In just five (5) easy steps, this wizard driven system allows users to effortlessly create a Facebook page within minutes. Including, the building of rich-media filled pages and micro-sites without any html coding skills required! With this step-by-step process of building a Facebook page, anyone can utilize the tool to make a Facebook page look professional and unique, unleashing his or her own creativity and design.
  1. Having several predesigned Facebook templates to choose from, users can decide where to place headers, logos, banner ads, content, videos, links and much more.
  2. Adding graphics, images, videos and content are all supported without using coding. BUT, for those code savvy people, no worries, we’ve got the tools you need!
  3. Customizing the page is simple, allowing users to mouse click on the different sections of the page in a preview mode before finalizing. Fonts, styles, colors, sizes and other customizable options are all included and available in this stage.
  4. Customizing and applying a pre-like welcome page (the page people see before they “like” the page) is beneficial to the user because it gives the user another chance to showcase an ad or run a promotion. Several templates are available for a pre-like page, all including a banner ad, content and or video.
  5. Once the page and pre-like page is customized, with the click of a button, one can publish their page to Facebook and start reaping the benefits that Fanpage Toolkit has to offer. Publishing to Facebook is automated and one can chose whether to make the page active or inactive at that time.
Promotions A wizard driven system that enable users to promote their business, product, band, self, whatever it may be - this tool is about using apps to grow a page and attract more “likes,” interactions, and traction. Running sweepstakes, digital downloads, eBooks, live promo codes for discounts, that can be redeemed within Facebook or elsewhere, are examples of what this promotions system can do. Within six (6) simple steps, an integrated and compelling promotions page can be built.
  1. Configuring the promotion page by choosing from the several template options to include your customized, pre-designed promotion banner ad along with content and terms & conditions. Coupon Codes can also be added to the promotion page.
  2. Customizing the promotion page is simple, allowing users to mouse click on the different sections of the page in a preview mode before finalizing. Fonts, styles, colors, sizes and other customizable options are all included and available in this stage.
  3. Users have the option to apply a pre-like page to their promotions page. If choosing to add a pre-like page, users have several templates to choose from, showcasing the banner, content and/or promotional video.
  4. Similar to the pre-like page, users have the option of releasing a coupon codes on the promotion page, offering Facebook store discounts or in-store discounts. Choosing from several templates, featuring the pre-designed coupon image and content, users can create, configure and customize the page to their liking and usage needs.
  5. In the final step, users choose a start and end date for the time period the promotion is to run. They can choose a coupon base code for easy identifying on or offline. Also, a specific discount type (percentage or currency discount) can be selected, including in what denomination.
  6. With the click of a button the promotion page can be published for the world to view, use and love!
Social Commerce The heart of Fanpage Toolkit! This tool is a wizard driven system that allows users to create new stores or import existing stores from eBay, Magento and much more… all within the Fanpage Toolkit platform, which then can be published to any owned Facebook page. All stores published through Fanpage Toolkit’s platform allow for transactions to be completed 100% within the Facebook ecosystem, without the need to send users to a 3rd-party site for checkout.
  • Payment Profiles can be easily created to utilize PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout or Authorize.Net for credit card processing and payment. Also allowing for 100% of all transactions to take place within the Facebook ecosystem.
  • Merchant Profiles can be created in one easy step to input contact information, set currency type (24 currencies currently supported) and to activate payment profiles of choice.
  • Shipping Profiles allow for shipping carriers to be chosen (UPS, FedEx, USPS and Flat Rate currently supported). Shipping is fully automated, real-time and capable of complex shipping configurations.
  • Catalogs is the heart of your product source. Here you can choose to start a brand new store from scratch, import an existing store catalog or one-click sync up to one of the E-Commerce systems that Fanpage Toolkit supports such as eBay Stores or Magento. NOTE: one-click sync configurations allow for secure real-time communication to your existing E-Commerce store. Meaning, inventory and shipping system are securely linked-up in real-time, so that users can purchase items both in Facebook and in your original E-Commerce store. Inventories are updated at all locations in real-time at the POT (Point Of Transaction).
  • Categories and Products can be organized within each Catalog setup. Even products that are synced-up from 3rd-party E-Commerce systems can be manually edited for availability on Facebook or not. All categories and products can be built Without ANY Knowledge of Coding. However, html coding is available for advanced users.
  • Users can choose from a several storefront templates, allowing for a semi-custom look. Templates can be customized Without ANY Knowledge of Coding. Allowing for fast storefront setup and deployment.
  • Manage Orders easily to enable fast turnaround time and provide quality service to customers with the integrated order management system.
Messaging Run messaging campaigns through this Fanpage Toolkit application that allows users to reach out to their entire audience with one click of a button.
  • A dynamic dashboard provides users with a graph or table view showing the number of Facebook wall posts or direct email messages sent from Fanpage Toolkit to any Facebook page.
  • Content can be created and then be sent out to select Facebook users walls, or direct email campaigns can be delivered to addresses outside of Facebook.
  • If creating a direct email message to be sent out, a user can customize the message in look and layout. Files can be attached and contact lists can be uploaded to maximize the number of people a user’s message reaches (several email list formats are supported).
  • All direct email messages can be previewed before being finalized and sent out.
  • An email opt-out application is available for users to place contacts on a list that will not receive email messaging campaigns and promotions. Recipients of all emails sent via Fanpage Toolkit are also able to opt-out directly from the email message. Fanpage Toolkit adheres to CAN-SPAM compliance.
Analytics Know your fans! Fanpage Toolkit offers an extremely powerful analytics system that is fully integrated with all native Facebook applications that Fanpage Toolkit offers within its Social Commerce and Marketing Platform. Users can see graphs, tables, maps, tag clouds, and much more, generated to show trends and data about their own Facebook page(s).
  • Within the analytics dashboard users can track Pages, Promotions, Social Commerce, Sweepstakes and Digital Download views from both fans and non-fans visitors. Also, users can track statistics and leads from customers and non-customers that are viewing their pages (CRM meets Facebook).
  • Using the Geo-Mapping tool, Fanpage Toolkit users can see where their fans are located geographically and easily engage with those users directly, just by clicking their pushpin.
  • Using the Status-Tagging tool reveals what conversations are taking place on a users Facebook page, by auto-generating keyword tag clouds algorithmically against wall post discussions. This allows for tracking and review of wall posts containing keyword phrases. Allowing users to engage directly with wall posts by “liking” and/or “commenting” on them, all from within Fanpage Toolkit.
  • All analytical data can be exported for further out of platform use, by exporting to a .csv file.
More Awesome News Thought you knew about everything Fanpage Toolkit has to offer its users? Think again!
  • All supported E-Commerce stores that are one-click synced to the Fanpage Toolkit platform are connected in real-time. So when you update, they update too… automatically!
  • We never charge transaction fees. Not to our users, not to our users customers, not to anyone… Ever!
  • We deliver an intelligent shipping system, able to combat your more complex shipping needs. Heck, it will even tell you what size box you need!
  • We offer custom design and management services for Fanpage Toolkit created pages. If you would like to use our platform, but are tool cool or too busy to do the work yourself… no worries! We are here to serve at will. Just send us an email to, and let us know what you are looking to get done. One of our account reps will immediately follow-up with your request.
  • Our entire application platform is seamlessly 100% integrated! Every app, every system, every tool, every function, every everything… all within the Fanpage Toolkit Social Commerce and Marketing Platform.